Serving Southwest Florida Businesses for Licensed Recycling of Computers & Electronics

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Rather than throwing away all of your company's end of life computers and electronics, call us for FREE PICK-UP AND LICENSED RECYCLING of these items. Our recycling service is FREE and will allow you to cOMPLY wITH aLL LOCAL, STATE AND FEDERAL REGULATIONS concerning the disposal of E-Scrap.

Most electronics contain toxic substances and should not be allowed to wind up in landfills. Rather than throwing these items in your dumpster, do the right thing and call us to dispose of your end of life computers and electronics.

We also offer FREE CERTIFIED DESTRUCTION OF ALL OF YOUR PERSONAL AND BUSINESS DATA on hard drives and storage devices. We accept ALL electronics and related items EXCLUDING glass screen (CRT) televisions and monitors, LED and LCD Television sets, and PRINTERS. 

You can call us for a one-time pick-up or if you have the need we can put your company on one of our recycling service routes for regular monthly service.

We accept all of the following
items and more:
ALL kinds of electric wire
• Mouse and keyboards
• Laptops
• Notebooks
• Computer towers
• Battery backups
• Hard drives
• Flat panel monitors
• Lithium batteries
• Automotive batteries
• Cell phones
• Standard phones and phone
• Generators
• Industrial switching gear
• Hospital and medical test and monitoring equipment
• Gaming devices
• VCR, DVD, Blu-ray, and audio equipment
• GPS items
• Mainframes
• Circuit boards
• Automotive and industrial machinery and test equipment
• Electric motors of all kinds
• Routers
• Speakers
• External hard drives
• Smart phones
• Florescent light ballasts
• Marine electronics
• Servers
• Video equipment
• Electrical switches
• Circuit breakers and panels
• Starters and alternators

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